River Soar

River Soar – an amazing natural attraction
River Soar is located in the southern Judean Desert
The most recommended travel season stream from May to August
Depending on weather conditions.
Difficulty medium.

You can use two methods: short and long. Long route there are 9 waterfalls higher of 28 m. The walk includes a swimming Gevim.
River Soar – Golf

Soar meet in the parking lot located on the Dead Sea road, 3 km south of the intersection of Masada. Park your cars and climb up the drift westward. Up drift is Sufism facilitate the Judean Desert in degrees. After 20 minutes we will increase the split point it was elected on how to proceed – a right turn Lower float or rise to the top, will continue to rise another 15 minutes. This vantage point overlooking the Dead Sea and the view of the mountains of Moab height of 0 (400 meters above the Dead Sea), spectacular landscape.

Proceed with the marked trail to the west in the desert and turned toward the river.
Amazing ours will be deployed most beautiful river in the Judean Desert
Is unique in its deep canyon-shaped winding and impressive that provides full shade most of the day in most seasons. As a result of evaporation is very slow stream and river holding Backs.
A short walk around – 6 meter reach seven Niagara River that are in the upper part of the river where most of them go through the height of 10 meters and the largest among them reaching a height of 28 meters (before the final). This unique attraction in the desert is that it has “Maok” means: Canyon in Canyon Simply put very deep canyon, winding canyon in the wider top.
When should walk in the desert?

River Soar is a very deep river face vary greatly from season to season, after floods flooding and dehydration. Highly variable stream.
Many travelers who stream at different times, said they almost did not recognize the river.
Changes high up the pools after flooding are amazing, similar to the stream quality decreases levels. Preferably coming from the river and enjoy very good with quality pools. It is strongly recommended prior to a trip in the desert to get timely information about the quality Backs are.

In the desert there is very little sunlight, the internal temperature has happened.
When one enters into the stream of hot weather is a great pleasure to cool off
And have fun Gevim stocks and cool.
When the outdoor temperature is very cool and pleasant place does not even endangering travelers.

You can walk in the stream all year round, the best time to travel in the desert is the year that would flood in Nissan-Sivan. During this time you can enjoy incredibly beautiful stream, wet and challenging experience engaging and interesting route.

At the top end of the trip, we will stream through the marked trail and back to the parking lot.
Offer extreme sports enthusiasts continue to surf the bottom of the river Soar.
At the bottom of the river there are four waterfalls mostly low and only one reaching a height of 27 meters (last)
Required equipment for surfing in the desert:

Two 30 meter ropes + surf equipment standards.
The entire track length (Upper + Lower Soar) 4.5 km.
The trip – which varies according to some travelers and group size. Not usually from 5 hours to 11 hours.
In some cases you will be required pool.

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