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For those of you looking for a wonderful experience that combines cross-country trip with a bit of a challenge, accompanied by friends or family, Jeep tour company with rapids can be the perfect solution for you. We take you to the most beautiful areas in the country, whether it’s Wadi Rum in southern Jordan or combine driving experience filled with extreme across the dunes and streams. With Ashdot This is not just another tour jeep.

Here is a short video I made just so you can see what awaits you:

Judean Desert Jeep Tour: Beginning Golf:

The trip will open the meeting degrees cliffs of Wadi located between sea and desert, overlooking the Dead Sea. As stated together with the jeep and serve breakfast sandwiches and fresh fruit.

After the meeting we will begin traveling north along the fault cliff is actually a series of spectacular cliffs along the west edge of the Dead Sea valley. The length of this trip is 25 minutes or so after which we went into the stream of dates or rather observation of palm river located in the northern Judean Desert. The river is characterized by magnificent views of the Judean Desert and the northern part of the Dead Sea and the mountains of Moab. But all this we will detail when we get there and heard the explanations of our guide a cup of coffee and relaxing on mats. The entire explanation will take approximately 10 minutes, followed by elevated jeep and continue the trip.

After half an hour’s drive during which we returned to the main draw will begin to feel the track becomes much more difficult. Half an hour’s drive challenges will bring us to a place called axis of cisterns. We heard there an interesting explanation on how to store water previously used in ancient times and histories. Vintage walking route that are characterized by its large number of reservoirs and cisterns used to be used by pedestrians instead.סיום המסלול:

The route ends in the stream rank is considered the river’s longest rivers in the desert of Judea (about 43 km). The river flows north of the Judean Desert and is characterized by cliffs are steep and large on both sides. We will visit the observation of the river level during rest and a brief explanation of the phenomenon of flooding, known place and then we will go back to our jeep and go back to the buses after a short journey of only minutes.


Ga’aton River in the Western Galilee


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